Couples Retreat

February 13-16, 2025

Alila Resort, Ubud, Bali




Amanda Lambros

When’s the last time that you, as a couple, had a break.  Just the two of you…to work on your relationship? An opportunity to reconnect, reignite the spark and start on your next journey together feeling revitalised and full of energy?

If you’re rolling your eyes or thinking… “we’ve never done that”…you aren’t alone!  Most couples don’t take the time to invest in their relationship or each other. 

Alternatively, you’ve booked a romantic holiday away, candlelit dinners and all, only for the dream holiday to turn into a nightmare because that conflict comes up once again and now the silence is spoiling the sunset!

I am here to help you reconnect with one another, in an exclusive group over 3 and a half days, nestled in the romantic, secluded tropical rainforest of Ubud, Bali.  The Disconnect to Reconnect Couples Retreat has been designed for couples who are looking to take their relationship from good to great to exceptional.  

Balancing work, social events, and family obligations is hard enough and squeezing in “us” time usually becomes
your last priority. The good news is that creating space with each other is possible…
this retreat is just the spark needed to rekindle your flame.

All you need to do is say “YES” and book your flights. We’ve taken care of all the rest. 
Transport, accommodation, meals, experiences, and so much more… 

The Disconnect to Reconnect Couples Retreat is more than an escape with candlelight dinners and massages.  
It is an opportunity to restore and enhance your relationship, to experience something new together…not to mention stealing quality time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to truly refocus and reconnect with one another. 

You’ll learn new skills to deepen your intimacy, to manage conflicts and reconnect with one another
in a private and relaxed setting.

Let’s get one thing straight. Every relationship needs work, yet it doesn’t have to hit rock bottom before booking a Couple’s Retreat. As a matter of fact, many couples choose a retreat to get back on the connection wagon or simply to reinvigorate the relationship. There are lots of reasons to retreat as a couple: beautiful scenery, luxury accommodation, and one-on-one time and transformational change for the relationship with
expert guidance and teachings.

We all need to feel intimacy, trust and respect from our partner.  The Disconnect to Reconnect Couples Retreat
allows you to untangle the barriers that might be getting in the way of a happy, loving relationship.

During the Retreat, you will learn skills to:

  • Strengthen your relationship friendship

  • Expand on looking inward and being more vulnerable with one another

  • Develop constructive communication skills

  • Understand and unpack your partners strengths and growth areas

  • Explore each other’s relationship personalities

  • Spice up your intimacy, physical and sexual connection and

  • Develop a relationship blueprint of the values and purposes for your relationship.

The Retreats are limited to seven couples, and they fill quickly. For more information about these retreats and to inquire about availability, just fill out the form on the right side or send an email to:


What is included?

  • Relationship Inventory for each Couple

  • Personality Profile and Report for each Participant

  • 3 Days of Relationship Education

  • Transfers to and from the Airport to the Resort

  • Accommodation in a Deluxe Room with valley views and garden terrace (you can opt to upgrade your room at an additional cost if you would like)

  • Welcome Drinks and Canapes

  • Daily Breakfast 

  • Daily Lunch 

  • Daily Free flowing Coffee/Tea/Drinks  

  • Master Chef Group Private Dinner (Friday)

  • Indonesian Inspired Group Private Dinner (Saturday)

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Coffee/Tea - Sunday

  • 1 x Massage per participant

  • 2 Wellness Activities

  • 2 Group Excursions

This Retreat is NOT for you if:

  • There is active alcohol and/or drug addiction on the part of either or both partners, from either partner’s perspective.

  • There is serious violence in your relationship, threats by one or both partners that serious violence might occur, or fear of such serious violence on the part of one or both partners.

  • Either partner currently has an untreated major mental illness (schizophrenia, recurrent psychotic depression, or bipolar/manic-depressive illness.) This does not include past, successfully treated psychotic episodes (e.g. post-partum depression with psychosis).

  • There is an undisclosed, current affair that you are not willing to disclose (such secrets predict marital therapy failure).

  • Either partner is currently experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts, or has a history of serious harm inflicted on him/herself or another person.

Who should attend?

Research on relationships shows that, on average, couples wait six years from the early signs of distress before they seek help. If your relationship is troubled, this event will provide you with a road map for repair. If your relationship is already strong, this retreat will give you insights and tools to make it great.


Leigh-Anne & Ryan

Married 18 years, 4 kids

"Attending the Disconnect to Reconnect Couples retreat with Amanda Lambros was a truly transformative experience for us. As a busy couple juggling demanding careers and family responsibilities, we had lost sight of the importance of nurturing our relationship. Amanda's expert guidance and thoughtful approach helped us reconnect on a deep level. Through engaging workshops and meaningful exercises, we learned valuable communication and conflict resolution skills that have revitalized our connection. We are forever grateful to Amanda for providing us with the tools to create a stronger, more loving partnership."

Sarah & Dan

Together 8 years, engaged to be married post-retreat

"Our decision to attend the Disconnect to Reconnect Couples retreat with Amanda Lambros was the best investment we could have made for our relationship. The retreat provided a much-needed escape from our daily routine, allowing us to focus solely on each other and our connection. Amanda's warmth, compassion, and expertise created a safe space for us to explore our emotions and address underlying issues. Her unique blend of therapeutic techniques and experiential activities brought us closer than ever before. We left the retreat with a renewed sense of love, understanding, and excitement for our future together."

Giuseppe & Paola

Married 24 years,

2 adult children

"The Couples retreat with Amanda exceeded all our expectations. From the moment we arrived, we felt embraced by Amanda's genuine care and dedication to helping couples strengthen their bond. The retreat was thoughtfully designed, combining insightful group sessions with intimate couple exercises. Amanda's guidance allowed us to uncover and heal old wounds, fostering a deeper level of trust and intimacy. The retreat also provided us with valuable self-care strategies, reminding us to prioritize our own well-being to better show up for our relationship. We are forever grateful for the profound impact this retreat had on our love and commitment."

John and Chloe

Defacto with

two small children

"We are forever indebted to Amanda and her Couples retreat for reigniting the spark in our relationship. Life had thrown many challenges our way, leaving us feeling disconnected and resentful. The retreat was a true turning point for us. Amanda's expertise and unwavering support guided us through the process of rediscovering our love and rekindling our passion. The retreat's serene location and carefully curated activities created a perfect environment for us to deepen our connection. We now have the tools and knowledge to navigate any obstacles that come our way, and we can't recommend Amanda's retreat enough to any couple seeking to rejuvenate their love."

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